ORGs® G2 Barrier Surgical Gown


Our most popular product, ORGs® Barrier Surgery Gowns combine comfort, durability and value while providing the highest degree of protection. Medical Barrier Fabric polyester front with ORGs® Wicking Finish back which allows perspiration to escape.

  Provides a high level of fluid repellency
  Carbon fiber threading provides electrostatic dissipation eliminating adherence and retention of particles and pathogens
  Knit cuffs for easy gloving
  Adjustable ties for comfort fit
  Lightweight and breathable
  Autoclavable for up to 40-50 turns

Item      Description      Size

36005 Barrier Surgical Gown SM
36010 Barrier Surgical Gown MED
36015 Barrier Surgical Gown LRG
36020 Barrier Surgical Gown XL